10 Travelling Tips to Ireland – Travel tips

If you intend to travel to Ireland anytime soon, there are some things that you must remember if you plan to go there, enjoy your stay and have a good vacation in one of the top tourists destination of the new world.
Remember that Ireland is the third of the largest islands in Europe. Be ready to bring a map, a compass and extra batteries just in case you will need to contact a their tourist information center.
Knowing the land area of the country makes sure that you are ready to get lost and enjoy your way back to civilization or your hotel.
When buying souvenirs for your trip down in Ireland, keep in mind that their rich culture summons you to buy one of their souvenir items that have intricate designs. These designs are termed Irish interlace or Celtic knot work. It is evidently the greatest souvenir that you can have from the Irish heritage.
Gaelic football is the Irish version of a football and perhaps the most famous sport in Ireland. And what sets it apart from the others is that it ensures the interaction between the community and the people living inside the communities.
Irish people love races. They enjoy both the greyhound racing and horse racing. To have the ultimate Ireland experience, you must attend one of these two races and feel the difference.
In terms of diet, the phenomenon of white salted butter placed in bread is perhaps the greatest experience that one should have in his or her Ireland experience.
Whiskey is the best alcoholic drink that Ireland can offer. Try it and be happy with the taste of genuine Whiskey from the Whiskey capital of the world.
Make sure that you will be ready to party as the Irish are relatively nice and party people. When wanting to buy food souvenir, it would be best to buy whiskey and their world famous cheese that you will love to save for the next Holidays.
Before leaving your hotel, bring your passport and visa and identifications always. This is Standard Operating procedure for any tourist.
Finally, remember to have fun. It is your vacation in Ireland and you have all the right to go out and smell the Irish coffee in the morning, Irish bread and butter for lunch and the Irish way of partying in the evening.