Santiago Chile Travel Tips – Tips During Arrival to Keep Your Money Safe! – Travel tips

Santiago is capital and largest city of Chile. It is known for its modern look, shopping centers, and stunning high-rise architecture.It is a buzzing metropolitan area, which only gets more popular with each passing year. To get around Santiago is easy. It hosts one of the best underground Metro’s in the world. It is extremely efficient, safe and clean. You will quickly get from one side of the city to the other.A few good places to visit in Santiago are Cerro Santa Lucia Hill, Santa Lucia Craft Market, Paris Londres Neighborhood, Patio Bellavista, Plaza de Armas, and La Moneda.When taking a flight into Santiago Chile, whether it is by boat, car, or plane your belongings can be vulnerable. Chile is known to be a safe place to travel in Latin America, however; there will always be reasons to steal from tourists. If you have cash, cards, important documents or any other valuables on you, they should be well secured. Every precaution you take will assist in avoiding potential problems.Prior to leaving for your trip, get some information as to the general layout of the Santiago Chile airport. This will help in locating taxi’s, or pickup points, and avoid putting yourself in less desirable situations. It is a good idea to take the airport limousine, or get a hotel pick up.Always try and keep your wallet and valuables secured and safe in a handbag or in your hand luggage. Having travelers lock securing your bags from petty theft is also a good idea.Before leaving for your trip, transfer some money into the local currency. This way you have less to think about, and will prevent you from pulling out a large amount of money at the airport arrivals. Try not to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that you are carrying so much money.Have available a small amount of the local currency. This should be separate from the majority of your traveling money, and can be used for the ride into town, and unforeseen needs like toll ways or a water bottle.Santiago Chile is really very safe, but it is advised wherever you travel to take as many precautions as possible. This way you will not put a damper on the most important thing, having a great holiday.