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Santiago Chile Travel Tips – Tips During Arrival to Keep Your Money Safe! – Travel tips

Santiago is capital and largest city of Chile. It is known for its modern look, shopping centers, and stunning high-rise architecture.It is a buzzing metropolitan area, which only gets more popular with each passing year. To get around Santiago is easy. It hosts one of the best underground Metro’s in the world. It is extremely efficient, safe and clean. You will quickly get from one side of the city to the other.A few good places to visit in Santiago are Cerro Santa Lucia Hill, Santa Lucia Craft Market, Paris Londres Neighborhood, Patio Bellavista, Plaza de Armas, and La Moneda.When taking a flight into Santiago Chile, whether it is by boat, car, or plane your belongings can be vulnerable. Chile is known to be a safe place to travel in Latin America, however; there will always be reasons to steal from tourists. If you have cash, cards, important documents or any other valuables on you, they should be well secured. Every precaution you take will assist in avoiding potential problems.Prior to leaving for your trip, get some information as to the general layout of the Santiago Chile airport. This will help in locating taxi’s, or pickup points, and avoid putting yourself in less desirable situations. It is a good idea to take the airport limousine, or get a hotel pick up.Always try and keep your wallet and valuables secured and safe in a handbag or in your hand luggage. Having travelers lock securing your bags from petty theft is also a good idea.Before leaving for your trip, transfer some money into the local currency. This way you have less to think about, and will prevent you from pulling out a large amount of money at the airport arrivals. Try not to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that you are carrying so much money.Have available a small amount of the local currency. This should be separate from the majority of your traveling money, and can be used for the ride into town, and unforeseen needs like toll ways or a water bottle.Santiago Chile is really very safe, but it is advised wherever you travel to take as many precautions as possible. This way you will not put a damper on the most important thing, having a great holiday.

10 Travelling Tips to Ireland – Travel tips

If you intend to travel to Ireland anytime soon, there are some things that you must remember if you plan to go there, enjoy your stay and have a good vacation in one of the top tourists destination of the new world.
Remember that Ireland is the third of the largest islands in Europe. Be ready to bring a map, a compass and extra batteries just in case you will need to contact a their tourist information center.
Knowing the land area of the country makes sure that you are ready to get lost and enjoy your way back to civilization or your hotel.
When buying souvenirs for your trip down in Ireland, keep in mind that their rich culture summons you to buy one of their souvenir items that have intricate designs. These designs are termed Irish interlace or Celtic knot work. It is evidently the greatest souvenir that you can have from the Irish heritage.
Gaelic football is the Irish version of a football and perhaps the most famous sport in Ireland. And what sets it apart from the others is that it ensures the interaction between the community and the people living inside the communities.
Irish people love races. They enjoy both the greyhound racing and horse racing. To have the ultimate Ireland experience, you must attend one of these two races and feel the difference.
In terms of diet, the phenomenon of white salted butter placed in bread is perhaps the greatest experience that one should have in his or her Ireland experience.
Whiskey is the best alcoholic drink that Ireland can offer. Try it and be happy with the taste of genuine Whiskey from the Whiskey capital of the world.
Make sure that you will be ready to party as the Irish are relatively nice and party people. When wanting to buy food souvenir, it would be best to buy whiskey and their world famous cheese that you will love to save for the next Holidays.
Before leaving your hotel, bring your passport and visa and identifications always. This is Standard Operating procedure for any tourist.
Finally, remember to have fun. It is your vacation in Ireland and you have all the right to go out and smell the Irish coffee in the morning, Irish bread and butter for lunch and the Irish way of partying in the evening.

Singapore Travel Tips – All the Subway Lines Explained – Travel tips

Singapore is a modern city that boasts an efficient subway train system. In the past 10 years alone, there had been several expansions made to its subway train network to include more lines that helped to make places more accessible within Singapore. Here is a detailed report on the different subway lines available in Singapore.Green Line: East – West LineThe Green Line, commonly known as the East – West Line is one of the oldest subway train lines in Singapore. It is operated and managed by SMRT group. The East – West Line actually has two lines within. The main line serves Joo Koon area in the west to Pasir Ris area in the east. Additionally there is a separate line from the Changi International Airport in the east to the Tanah Merah Interchange in which it is a transiting station to the main line. This route is one of the most commonly used routes as it runs right through the city center of Singapore, therefore you will see during rush hours that this line coming from both directions will be busy.Red Line: North – South LineThe Red Line, commonly known as the North – South Line is the next busiest subway train route. It is also operated and managed by SMRT group. This subway track is actually a loop that connects from Jurong East station in the west and runs all the way up north serving the major areas of Ang Mo Kio and Bishan / Toa Payoh, and then finally running back south towards the city ending at Marina Bay. It is also quite busy as it connects right through the Orchard Road shopping district of Singapore.Purple Line: North – East LineA newer subway route called the Purple Line or the North – East Line runs from Harbourfront Interchange station in the South and then travels north east ending at Punggol station. This line is quite popular with the tourists as it travels through major sightseeing areas such as Chinatown, Little India, and Orchard Road (at Dhoby Ghaut station). It is operated and managed by SBS Transport.Yellow Line: Circle LineThe newest line that was recently completed in Singapore is known as the Yellow Line or the Circle Line. This route is a loop that connects through various places in the central part of Singapore. It intersects all the other lines (Green, Red, and Purple Lines) at various interchange stations. With the addition of this subway route it has helped ease congestion on many of the other lines and has made it more flexible to get to numerous places in Singapore which in the past you could have only gotten there by bus.So there you have it, a quick overview on the various Subway tracks in Singapore.

Some Useful Travel Tips for Bali – Travel tips

The scenic Indonesian island of Bali attracts thousands of visitors to its shores every year. In fact it is fast this island nation of varied landscape, stunning beaches, vibrant culture and warm, hospitable people. A visit to Bali is not just about relaxation and rejuvenation – it is an enlightening experience that is bound to have a deep impact upon your life. This said, some practical information about the Bali can help you plan your trip better. Listed here are some tips that can come in use if you are planning a trip to the island.Here are some tips for your consideration.Entering BaliTo enter Bali, make sure that your visa is valid for the next six months. You also need to show a return ticket. Visas, both tourist and business, can be obtained from the Indonesian embassy in your country. Citizens from some Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, and Laos don’t require a visa; however, valid travel documents need to be in place. For some countries, visitors are issued visa on arrival. For more information, you can check with your airlines or travel agent.MoneyThe local currency is rupiah. Facilities for money exchange are available throughout the island, and more specifically in tourist-friendly areas. This said, money is best exchanged at a reputable authorized money changers and major banks. Major hotels, resorts and private Bali villas and shops accept Traveler’s checks. However, passport number would be required and so do not forget to carry a photocopy of your passport. Also keep in mind, while changing large amounts of money it is advisable to check notes carefully as fake bills are in circulation. Credit cards are widely accepted though an extra 3% is added onto your bill.InsuranceWhile traveling to Bali make sure you have personal insurance or travel insurance to cover accidents. If you rent a car, then remember to remove all your belongings since thefts are a common occurrence. Also it is advisable to keep all important documents in the safe of your accommodation.ClothesWeather in Bali ranges from warm to hot throughout the year so pack light cotton clothes. Also, Bali is a land of temples and ancient monuments and to visit them you need to be conservatively dressed. While visiting temples or religious ceremonies, do not walk in front of people praying.AccommodationThere are several tourist resorts in Bali all of which offer a range of accommodation types from beachfront luxury Bali villas to resorts and hotels. Bali is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors the year round so it is advisable to book accommodation well in advance.