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Last Minute World Travel Tips – Travel tips

There’s nothing more interesting and more exciting than journey. Through journey, you are able to not only see the world but adventure it: whether you are going to the hills of China and into the Himalayas, or exploring the Australian outback, there are so many ways that you can learn by simply being in the right place. You can add to the exhilaration of your global journey endeavor by doing it at the last minute. Of course, this can be unmanageable, but if you are inclined for some mind blowing exhilaration, then go ahead!Here are a few tips that will help you in last minute world journey.- Never disregard the importance of a passport. Some people will take for granted the importance of their passport and will journey around without it, thinking that they can go into any nation without their nationality or citizenship. However, you may get robbed, a lot of things can get stolen from you, and if you are working at the last minute, things can get quite messy. If you lose something, you need to go to your consulate if it’s important, and you need to show that you are a citizen of your nation through your passport.- Before you ever journey anywhere, no matter how last minute your trip is, always check for the address of your consulate or embassy in the nation that you are going to. Take note of this address and all contact numbers, and keep this information in a safe place. You will need this information just in case something goes wrong during your trip.- When you are able to log on to the Cyberspace, do two big things: look for information on your destination, such as the places where you want to go, how to get around, currency rates from your currency to your destination’s currency, and other important things; and second, book a accommodations. The first task will allow you to predict any events and know where to go beforehand so that you don’t walk around blindly in your destination. The second may very well get you various discounts so make sure that you get a good accommodations deal!- If all else fails for your pursuit for good discounts on accommodations, then you may have to simply wing it. When you arrive at your destination, track down for a inexpensive but decent and clean pension house or hostel. Get some rest, and when you start moving around the next day, stop by at a number of hotels and ask for information on bookings and inexpensive rates. This way, you can still get around and get the accommodations that you want!- Ask for recommendations from your associates. They may be able to offer you tips from their own global journey trip. In fact, when your associates start talking about their adventure, you should start listening and asking questions! Don’t ever brush aside the value of good research, not to mention good associates.- Always have a good authentic journey agent on hand who can handle last minute accommodations and arrangements. The trouble with a lot of journey bureaus is that they offer no discounts for last minute journey, but if you are able to find a good agent, then you should keep that agent.- Keep on doing research. On your free time, surf the Net for interesting places to visit, so that when the time comes for you to journey, you know just where to go.

Toddler Travel Tips and Ideas – Travel tips

I’m going to offer a few tips and strategies to aid you and your toddler during this holiday season. Don’t panic if you’re faced with the task of flying with young children this season. The entire process can be quite painless and actually enjoyable if you take the time to prepare for your journey. Toting toddlers and infants through airports can be a daunting task as is, don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be. Take these tips into consideration before you board your flight and you’ll have a much smoother trip.I know it’s difficult to travel “light” during the Holidays. Especially when you need to bring presents along with the normal luggage. I would recommend that you consider shipping your presents before departing on your flight. This way they’ll have already arrived and be nestled beneath the tree when you and your family arrive at your final destination.

Less crowds will mean less stress for you and your children. If it’s an option then it would be highly recommended that you fly during the non-peak hours. Monday through Wednesday and you’ll want to fly the red eyes if all possible. Sure, you might drag a bit the next day but it’ll pay off for you in the long run.
Pack plenty of games, snacks, drinks, and other activities in a nice “travel bag”. Great things to pack are coloring books, iPod, CD player, and portable DVD players.
It’s wise to pack in excess, you never know when you could possibly be bumped or be a victim of a lay-over.
Let your child have the window seat. Most kids will find the view absolutely wonderful and it’s much more safe for them to fly in the window seat than the aisle. This way there is a much less chance that they’ll have an appendage bumped or smacked by an aisle cart.
These are just a few of the helpful tips that will make your journey a little bit easier. Finally, remember that not everyone appreciate the joys of your child. Some parents choose to fly in the vicinity of the engines where the noise from the jets can dampen the voices of their kids.

How to Prepare for Costa Rica Vacations: Eight Essential Travel Tips – Travel tips

It’s that time of year when you need to decide where your next family vacation is going to be. Rather than choosing an overcrowded beach or tourism destination, why not choose an experience that will leave your entire family with an out-of the ordinary memorable vacation? Costa Rica offers just such a destination, and some excellent family package holidays are available. Here are some essential tips to consider when planning a Costa Rica Vacation:Pack lightly when traveling to Costa Rica: Travel to Costa Rica is mostly to rainforests, mountains and beaches. Chances are that your local plane or boat will limit your luggage. Plan on bringing a typical plane carry-on bag.What to pack? Bring shorts and T-shirts, a raincoat or poncho, a hat and swimsuit and a lightweight jacket. Leave your elegant clothes at home – the animals don’t care what you wear! Bring along a camera and extra batteries as there is lots to photograph in Costa Rica! Also take insect repellent and plenty of sunscreen.Costa Rica Driving: Driving in Costa Rica can be difficult – the roads are often inaccessible due to the tropical climate. Instead, short plane trips between locations a good alternative as they are inexpensive, safe and save time.Take along some good plant and wildlife books: To fully appreciate the beauty and rarity of the flora and fauna species Costa Rica features, take along some good books to identify plants and wildlife you will undoubtedly spot.Handling Money: Costa Rica’s banking system can be strange. In smaller towns and tourist areas, there is often only one ATM. Costa Rican ATM’s are known to decline cards for no reason, so if you’re heading for smaller places, take out money before leaving. If traveling to smaller towns, it is worthwhile to consider taking along travelers checks.Costa Rican Coasts: Spend time at least at one of Costa Rica’s two diversified coasts, and if possible on both – the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east. Both coasts host several national parks, such as Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific and Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean. Both are well worth the effort.Spend enough time at each location: To get a feel for the places you are visiting, spend at least 2 – 3 nights in each location. It makes for less stress, giving families the opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience.Use the services of a guide: To really see wildlife in the wild, on its own terms, utilize the services of a naturalist guide. They will not only provide astounding knowledge but will also point out wildlife sights you would never see on your own (they have the eyes of hawks). Freelance guides are readily available for hire at the entrance of Manuel Antonio, Carara and Tortuguero national parks. If you plan on visiting a series of wildlife reserves, consider utilizing a guide for the duration of your trip.Wildlife spotting: For wildlife spotting, timing is everything. Early morning is the best time to spot the animals, followed by late afternoon. Walk quietly, stopping of ten to listen and watch. Look at all levels, from the ground up to the canopy overhead. Choose an inconspicuous spot near a clearing or stream and if possible, sit absolutely still for a half hour – you will almost surly see amazing wildlife.

Baby on Board – Travel Tips For When You Are Expecting – Travel tips

Many pregnant women are understandably concerned about flying in their condition. Assuming that you have a healthy and normal pregnancy and you are not too close to your due date, there is no need to alter your travel plans. However, you probably should not fly if your condition has complications such as hypertensive disease, extreme nausea, placenta plevia or pre-term labor. If you have to fly during your pregnancy, there are many ways to make your trip more comfortable, and less stressful.First, allow yourself plenty of extra time at the airport, by making sure you check in at least ninety minutes early if you are traveling domestically, and two hours early for international flights. If you need assistance navigating the airport, do not hesitate to take a ride on one of the little electric carts, or request a wheelchair from your airline. A wheelchair can be booked in advance and it should be available for you upon arrival, at no charge.Most airlines have some kind of policy for pregnant travelers, it should be clearly stated on their website, or you can call the airline for more information. Make sure you are speaking to the right person. Most airlines have staff that are trained to assist not only pregnant passengers, but also passengers with disabilities and special needs. The restrictions can be different depending on whether you are flying over land or over water; and if your trip involves different airlines or traveling overseas, it can be difficult to keep track of the various rules and restrictions.If you are flying during the first or second trimester and have a healthy and normal pregnancy, you should not have any serious problems either with your own comfort or with your airline prohibiting you from flying. In fact, the second trimester is often considered the safest time to fly, as the first difficult months have already passed and there is no risk yet of premature labor.It is the third trimester that may cause problems – if you are flying during the last few weeks of your term, make sure to check with your airline for their rules regarding how close to the due date you are able to fly. In general, airlines do not like you to fly within a week or so of your due date (the exact rule depends on the airline). In addition, if you are flying during your third trimester, you may need a letter from your doctor stating that you are healthy enough to travel.Seating is important if you are pregnant, and you want to be as comfortable as possible during the flight. You may want to have an aisle seat, which provides easier access to bathrooms, and a seat close by them to minimize the required walking distance. If you are lucky enough to have an empty seat or two, you can stretch out, be sure to take advantage of them.You may not be able to sit in the emergency exit row if you are pregnant and you are still required to keep your seat belt fastened, which can be a challenge. The extra room in business or first class is definitely a major benefit for pregnant women. If you are taking a long trip, consider paying the difference for an upgrade or cashing in some of those hard-earned frequent flyer miles.Be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing when you fly. This can increase your comfort level resulting in an enjoyable flight. You may also want to wear some compression stockings to help blood circulate from your ankles to your heart and lungs. Try to move around regularly to keep your blood flowing – even if you cannot get up, there are some beneficial exercises you can do while seated, such as rotating your ankles or flexing your feet.Some pregnant women also wonder if it is safe to fly because of the pressure in the airplane cabin. All commercial flights have pressurized cabins and are quite safe but you probably should not fly in a smaller plane that does not have a pressurized cabin. Some wonder if it is safe to walk through the metal detector at the airport. It is perfectly safe because it is not actually an x-ray machine, and it should not harm you or your baby in any way.Flying can be stressful enough. Just because you have a baby on board does not mean you cannot have a safe and comfortable flight. Make the most of it before you have all the stress of traveling with a baby! When flying while pregnant is completely safe but it is best to fly during your second trimester. It is possible to fly during the first or third trimester but it is not recommended. If you planning a vacation while pregnant, consider these tips and you can be on your way to a wonderful vacation.

Hot Budget Travel Tips For a Better Holiday – Travel tips

Just because you want to travel on a budget there is no reason why you should not have a fantastic holiday. Budget travel can still take you to exotic destinations if that is where you wish to go.Budget travel is more about information and planning than it is about just ‘cheap travel’. Budget travel is means getting the best value holiday for the lowest dollar. That does not necessarily mean a cheap nasty holiday.You can only make these decisions if you thoroughly research your destinations. As we all know it is a great big, big world out there and to catch the tourist, operators have to be inventive in their promotions and at certain times will lower costs or add in extras to get the customers. These promotions by the operators can make a big difference to your pocket.Your research will help you find these facts and figures and when you have the answers you are searching for, then you can go ahead and book.By researching everything in the area you are planning to go to, you can establish if there are any special events on at the time you are arriving, which of course will elevate the cost of accommodation and blow out any idea of budget travel. Such changes can
make a lot of difference and can cost you a lot of money.Be careful when booking ahead and read the fine print on anything that you are paying. It is often in the fine print that there are extra charges. Examples that come to mind are extra costs for parking the car, extra costs for room cleaning, and other similar services that may have always been taken for granted in the past or on previous trips.In certain places like Aspen for example, you are going there for the snow and the fun, so you could probably have just as much fun living in cheaper accommodation, whereas if you were going to a place like Ibiza you may wish to be able to have a room with a view and cut back on other costs.It all depends on what sort of holiday you are looking for, and where you want to spend your time and money.Of course, with any travel overseas always check before you book what documents, visas, duties, taxes, entry fees, etc you may need to visit certain countries. These costs and visascan make a big difference, and may even stop you wanting to go where you want to go.When you are doing your research always check to see that the information you are gathering is current. This is most important because if it is a couple of years old, anything could have changed in the meantime.Budget travel can be just as much fun for you as for someone with an open check book. In fact, you will probably meet more locals and have a greater experience by mixing with them. Locals make a trip. Geographical beauty is one thing, but leaning about the locals is another. With budget travel you can experience both.

Air Travel Tips For Making It Easy And Smooth – Travel tips

Observing fellow passengers on my recent flight, I noticed several mistakes and evidence of poor planning that caused the travelers unnecessary distress. Traveling by airplane and through airports is stressful enough as it is. Why not do everything you can to make it easy on yourself?Here are seven simple suggestions of what you can do to make your next flight more comfortable and pleasant.1. Set your intention. Sounds weird, but it works. Arrive at the airport with the mindset that all is going to go smoothly and that you are going to meet helpful people. Pleasing conditions are much more likely to occur if you expect them than if you are expecting hassles.2. Wear slip-on shoes. Face it, getting through security these days involves partially undressing in front of a lot of strangers who just want you to hurry up and get out of the way. You always have to take off your shoes, so make it easy on yourself by wearing slides.3. Use a carryon with wheels. Think of it as your airport supply kit. Even if you are checking luggage, you still want to have a small wheeled carryon bag, and here’s why: carrying the odds and ends in a bag over your shoulder is tiring and limits your freedom of movement. Instead, a wheeled carryon can act as a sort of cart for any additional items you pick up along the way: food, water, magazines, etc.4. Bring food. Buy it at the airport if that’s easiest, but be sure to bring healthier choices than offered by the snack boxes you can buy on the airplane — unless you like snacks virtually absent of nutrition and high in fat and carbs.5. Hydrate. You will feel so much better if you drink plenty of water. The air on the planes is very dry, and since the cabin is a contained, pressurized environment, the air is recycled during the flight. You’re breathing in a lot of crud, and water helps your body deal with it.6. Wear noise-canceling headphones in flight. What more can I say? Wow. They are totally worth the investment if you fly very often at all. Planes are extremely noisy. The powerful engines, the crying babies, the talkative neighbors. All of the grinding and rumbling and whining and blasting become mere background whispers when you’re wearing noise canceling headphones.7. Bring disposable entertainment. During flight and on layovers, there are a multitude of things you can do to pass the time, ranging from working on your laptop to filling in the newspaper crossword puzzle. But you need a pen to do the puzzle, a plug-in to work on the laptop for long, a credit card to sit in a lounge and watch TV… you get the idea. Think ahead about what entertainment you might like to have on hand that is portable and convenient to interrupt during the many phases of your passage from one location to the next. Easiest is a magazine because if you space out and leave it behind, it is readily replaced.When you have these seven suggestions in place and you keep your overall airport supply kit (the handy wheeled carryon) lightly but thoroughly equipped, your air travel experience becomes more manageable and effortless.

California Discount Travel – Tips for Saving Money on Your Orange County Vacation – Travel tips

Orange County, California, was once a quiet community just south of Los Angeles. Thanks to Disneyland and other family destinations, Orange County is now a hotbed for vacationers. Like any tourist destination, the prices have risen along with the number of attractions, but it’s definitely possible to fund an Orange County vacation without breaking the bank.Before you get started planning your vacation, it’s best to set a budget. This way you know exactly how much you have to spend, and how much you need to save in order to go on vacation. When you have a budget, it becomes easy to make choices on where you should save and where you should pay full price. For example, if you can save money by driving to Orange County, rather than flying, it will allow you spend more on accommodations or vice versa.One of those important choices is which amusement park you are going to visit, and how much money you plan to spend at each. With Disneyland, California Adventure, LegoLand, Magic Mountain, Knottsberry Farm and several other smaller parks within driving distance, trying to hit them all will cost you a lot of time and energy. It’s best to choose one or two. That way you can really enjoy each park and not stretch your budget too far. Some parks even offer 2-for-1 deals, such as Disneyland and California Adventure, which allow you to visit two parks for one price.Check for discount tickets for tours and attractions before you go. You may be surprised at the discounts available for savvy travelers who check around for prices online ahead of time. You may also consider purchasing an Entertainment coupon book for the zip code you plan to visit. That will save you on dining, and it may save you on lodging and attractions as well. If you belong to AAA or other groups, check the group’s website before you go to see if showing your card will save you money on attractions.If your vacation time is flexible, consider traveling in the fall or the early spring. Crowds tend to be thinner during these times of year, and the weather is still nice enough that you’ll enjoy your stay. The prices drop around these times of year as well, so you’ll pay less than you would if your visit were during peak times. The large travel sites may, throughout the year, offer various coupon codes for their more popular destinations, such as Orange County, so get on the email list of your favorite sites so you can monitor any new deals.There are a wide variety of hotels and motels surrounding the major Orange County attractions. You can stay at a smaller motel with fewer “frills” and be within the same traveling distance as you would if you stayed at a high priced hotel. If you plan early and travel in the off-season, staying at the Disneyland Hotel is very reasonable. You’ll also save money on travel because there are free tram services to and from the park.Balance your visit to an amusement park with some free activities, such as visiting the beach or strolling down some of Orange County’s beautiful parks and natural areas. Since the weather is pleasant during most of the year, take advantage of simply being outdoors and taking in some nature during your visit. The beach and mountains are within driving distance of most Orange County towns and Southern California boasts some of the country’s most gorgeous national parks.Traveling to Orange County doesn’t have to cost as much as you may think. With a budget in hand, a plan for your activities and an open mind to taking in some of the natural beauty in the area, you’ll be able to travel without spending your entire savings account.

Ibiza Travel Tips – Travel tips

If you are traveling to Ibiza this summer then you are in for a treat: this is an island with everything from the top nightclubs and elegant dining, through to stunning beaches and a rich cultural heritage. But with so much to choose from what should you do? This article takes you through some of the highlights to help you plan your trip.Ibiza Town has a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its medieval section known as Dalt Vila. Along with that there is the harbor, which houses a very impressive collection of yachts. The bars and restaurants are high quality, and when it comes to shopping there are plenty of boutiques offering that something special. So I would definitely put Ibiza Town on your list of places to visit.There are also some less visited areas, that many tourists don’t bother with: the salines saltpans and northern Ibiza. It would be a mistake to overlook these sites. The saltpans have a rich history: they were developed by Phoenicians, and were the main industry in the island during the years of the Armada. Salt was a major trading currency in those days. Up in northern Ibiza you will find the least populated part of the island. It has many pine forests, pretty villages, and stunning cliff top views that the average tourist does not visit.Of course, there is also the club scene. The hippest club is something that is always changing so the best thing to do is head to Sant Antoni and see which establishment has the longest lines of people waiting. Savannah is always a safe bet if you like electro-house, and it is open until 4am.

Germany Travel Tip – Kloster Banz In Bad Staffelstein – Travel tips

If you enjoy majestic scenery, beautiful architecture and still want some excitement, come to Kloster Banz!The former Benedictine monastery was founded in 1070 and has been the oldest monastery on the upper Main until it burned to the ground in 1505 during the Thirty Year War. It took more than a century to rebuild the abbey but when it was finally consecrated in 1719 the new complex exceeded all expectations and is still known as a masterpiece of Baroque design. Due to Secularization the monastery was closed in 1802 and turned into the summer residence of the Bavarian king. From then on Kloster Banz has welcomed a great number of historical figures, such as several Russian tsars, and was a popular meeting point for artists. During the Second World War Kloster Banz was turned into an army hospital and afterwards used as a retirement home for several years until its management decided the estate is too secluded to be attractive as a residence for elderly people. Since the beginning of the 80s Kloster Banz is owned by the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, which uses the former monastery as a modern Education Center.What actually makes Kloster Banz such a great attraction especially for families with children is the Wald-Klettergarten neighboring the estate. It is am man-made climbing park built into the forest around the monastery, accommodating all skill levels from small children to expert climbers. Come and feel a bit like a modern-day Tarzan swinging from tree to tree or tight-rope-walking ten yards above the ground. But no worries, you are always strapped into a safety harness and have park experts close at hand.This is an example of what you can do in Bad Staffelstein while traveling in Germany. If you want learn more about Bad Staffelstein we compiled a more comprehensive Bad Staffelstein travel guide in collaboration with local residents that provides unique travel insider tips which you can use during you Germany vacation.